verso stacking hub 1-6 dvd discs (27mm)

The Verso Stacking Hub DVD Case - holds up to six discs securely with no need for extra trays.

This innovative product uses less plastic than conventional cases making it considerably more environmentally friendly, and cost effective. The unique stacking system is space saving and means that a single SKU number can be used for all your multi disc products, making forecasting and stock control four times easier.

Discs are protected and secure as the case comprises Amaray’s unique, improved self-adjusting hub and new spine locking features. Versatile and green - the Verso is the answer to your packaging needs.
  • Allows 1-6 discs to be stacked in the case
  • Wide spine (27mm) for high visibility in 'end on' racking
  • Accommodates internal booklet up to 3mm thick
  • 3,888 cases per pallet
This case is a special order case and will need ordering in advance.

SAMPLES are available for distributors and wholesalers. For approval, please submit your full company details using the link below.