The Amaray dvd case is the original and remains the best case suitable for DVD and disc products, despite other flattering and inferior imitations. Our cases are engineered to provide long-lasting protection for any disc merchandise housed inside.

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Amaray Blu-Ray cases are highly versatile, made from the finest materials giving a superior quality finish with the benefit of being easily recyclable. All Blu-Ray cases are enhanced with silver blocked Blu-Ray logo and are available in Red Tag. Premium disc packaging and protection for your premium product.

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Differentiate. Add value. Prevent counterfeiting. All the benefits of case customisation are available from Amaray, ideal for the games industry where brand appeal is overlooked by generic packaging.

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A multidisc packaging platform offering dvd box-sets and multi-disc products the flexibility and security offered by a standard Amaray Red Tag case. This allows retailers to optimise their shelf space with confidence recognising the Megapack improves profitability per square. Problems merchandising box sets remain in the past with Amaray.

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Amaray is Europe's largest disc case manufacturer producing an extensive range of packaging for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray products through an advanced approach to technology and plastic injection moulding.

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Red Tag security is an extremely effective strategy of theft prevention in a retail environment. It also has the benefit of increased sales as it enables products to be displayed live which encourages impulse buys and gift purchases.

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Thanks to the Red Tag security system, you can now display secured DVD, Blu-Ray discs on the shelf. This leads to improved customer service and satisfaction by reducing queues caused by staff searching for discs.

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The Megapack family nows extends
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Amaray's Red Tag is a holistic approach to disc packaging and retail security. Deterring theft whilst promoting sales. A real merchandising solution.

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Demonstrating our commitment to the home entertainment industry we now introduce our latest offering to support the demand for blu-ray multi-disc offerings.
Amaray sponsored the ‘Best British Authored Disc’ award last night at the BVA Awards Ceremony in London.